LIZ Miniature Lapel Microphone with T3 Wireless Connector – Black


Acacia LIZ Miniature Lapel with T3 Wireless Connector – Tan | Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone with T3-style Connector – Tan

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The Acacia LIZ is a value-packed lavalier mic. First of all, it produces a clear, natural sound. But that’s not all — its omnidirectional polar pattern reduces wind noise and plosives while minimizing bass buildup due to proximity effect. You’ll also benefit from rugged durability and steadfast reliability. The LIZ lavalier mic is lightweight, compact, and built for performance. This mic is tailor-made for houses of worship, schools, lecture halls, and more.

This LIZ lav mic is compatible with AKG, Audix, Airwave, and Samson bodypack transmitters that employ T3-style connectors.

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