LIZ Pro Replacement Cable with T3 Wireless Connector – Tan


Acacia LIZ Pro Replacement Cable for Sennheiser Wireless – Tan | Replacement Cable for Pro or Platinum Microphones with Locking 3.5mm Connectors – Tan

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Replace your lost or damaged cable for your Acacia Pro or Platinum series mic’s cable.  Featuring pro-grade, 2mm construction, this cable is a direct replacement for the one that came with your mic. So don’t waste money on a new mic — swap out broken or worn cables instead!

Acacia LIZ Replacement Cable Features:

  • Direct replacement for your Pro- or Platinum-series mic cable
  • Enables you to swap out broken or worn cables instead of replacing the entire microphone
  • Compatible with Sennheiser bodypack transmitters with locking 3.5mm connectors

This LIZ replacement cable is compatible with Sennheiser bodypack transmitters that employ locking 3.5mm connectors.

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